We work hand-in-hand with the expatriates and their company
and custom fit our services to their needs and budgets.

We become their personal assistant and local guide to help them have the best arrival possible International at heart, we making sure to bridge the cultural gap and offer an understanding perspective.


From a welcome package including an on-site orientation, we will help you find the right house based on your budget and criteria, and assist you in all related matters such as lease signing, moving, and house insurance. Our aim is to find your perfect home while reducing the number of trips pre-arrival. 

  • Optimization of your time in Turin
  • Organization of your stay for house hunting: 
    • Airport transfer, 
    • City tour, 
    • Hotel booking, 
    • Appointment booking & accompanied house visits of short-listed properties 
  • Guidance for lease signing / property buying:
    • Translation of rental / buying terms
    • Check list of documents to provide
    • Support during negotiations and signing
  • Support for Temporary Housing if required: 
    • Presentation of local options
    • Accompanied visits of short-listed residences
    • Negotiation of rates
    • Booking of housing solution
  • Assistance for moving in: 
    • Entry inventory,
    • Utility subscription, 
    • House insurance policy, 
    • House renovation & decoration,
    • Furniture shopping or rental,
    • Moving day support. 


We will accompany you through the Italian administrative system and help you obtain all the documents required to live and work in Italy.We will also assist you to settle into your new life making sure that the family’s daily organization is functional and adapted to your specific situation.

  • Administrative documents:
    • Codice Fiscale 
    • Tessera Sanitaria (Public Health System registration)
    • Italian ID Card
    • Residency registration
    • Consulate registration
    • Driver’s license
    • Permesso di Soggiorno for non-EU nationalities
    • Garbage Removal Tax
  • Opening of your bank account
  • Health care:
    • Selection of your Family Doctor
    • Health insurance subscription if required
    • Presentation of the health care system in Italy
  • Pet arrival:
    • Check list of vaccinations & microchip required
    • Assistance with documents and registration
  • Cellphone support
  • Hiring of domestic help (nanny & baby-sitter, cleaning lady):
    • Sourcing of a short list of candidates
    • Assistance during the interviews if required
    • Guidance for the administrative hiring process
    • Help to outsource the monthly payroll
  • School selection:
    • Presentation of the educational system in Italy
    • Appointment booking & accompanied visits to short-listed schools
    • Assistance for the school registration
  • Leasing / Buying of your car
    • Appointment booking & accompanied visits to short-listed car concessions
    • Assistance for the leasing / buying of the car
    • Car insurance subscription
    • Assistance for importation of your own car when necessary

Enjoy the experience

And finally, because the Italian way of life is all about enjoying life, we will help you plan your hobbies and introduce you to all the good things Turin and its region have to offer: finding a language class, joining a sports club, going to the city's best restaurants, planning weekend getaways to the sea side, the mountains or the vineyards...

  • Sports:
    • Short-list of clubs and associations according to your wish list
    • Accompanied visits to facilities
    • Assistance for issuing of health certificate to practice sports 
    • Negotiation of rates and subscriptions
  • Restaurant & Shopping orientation
  • Italian culture
    • Language class
    • Cultural training
  • Community Events & Spouse support
  • Weekend getaways:
    • Presentation of surrounding options based on your budget and criteria
    • Booking of hotel and transportation
    • Indication of local activities and places
  • Monthly or Yearly “Concierge” subscription after your 1st month in Italy


We can also put you in relation with our network of specialists should you require legal & tax services. 

  • Tax counseling:
    • Information on bilateral agreements between Italy and your country of origin
    • Yearly Tax declaration in Italy
  • Legal support:
    • Legal advices for contracts
    • Legal support in case of law suit 


As much as we are sad to see people leave, we offer a "Moving Out" service to help you pack up and close all administrative ties to Turin when moving on to a new chapter of your life. 

  • Assistance for moving out: 
    • Exit inventory,
    • Utility & Insurance termination, 
    • House repairs if required,
    • Furniture selling,
    • Hiring of a moving company,
    • Moving day support.
  • Support for lease termination:
    • Translation of rental termination terms
    • Sending notice
  • Closing of bank account