Going to Turin... I wanted to go to Rome!

Well 11 years ago when I learned I was going to live in Turin, I wasn't exactly thrilled... 

I was a Master student in Business and had applied for exchange programs in Rome, Milan and Turin.

Rome seemed so romantic and beautiful and sunny and just so very Italian, Milan had the appeal of the International fashion city packed with energy and buzzing bars. Turin rimed with FIAT and industry and grey and had the sole advantage of being in Italy (as I really wanted to study in Italy and learn how to speak the language)...

So when I first came in Turin to visit the city and understand where I wanted to find a flat, what was not my surprise to discover this beautiful (not so) hidden gem


To begin with we were in July and the temperatures were around 40°C so I was served for Italian weather, the hill across the river Po was abundantly green, Italians were tanning in the parks in their bikinis eating one "gelato" after the other, it was peak season for the famous "aperitivo" at sunset (you buy a drink and get access to an all-you-can-eat freshly-made food buffet) and I just knew it was going to be one of the best year of my life. 


And since then I keep discovering Turin. After you will have seen the "obvious": Piazza Castello and the Palazzo Reale, Piazza Vittorio and the Gran Madre, Parco Valentino, the Veneria Reale... you will notice that Turin is a mysterious woman. She does not reveal herself that easy. You will pass by the same street 10 times before noticing the incredible beauty of a building door, the delicate sculpture on a window balcony, or a small store with an incredible selection. 

So my advice is look up, look around, look down, Turin is all in the details and as her inhabitant she is understated and discrete but oh so noble and beautiful. 


And I haven't even mentioned the surroundings, how many cities can actually offer you: the countryside and the vineyards half an hour away, the mountains and the ski slopes 45' away and the seaside and Liguria beaches 1hour away? Be it for the weekend or just for a lunch outside the city, the getaways around the city are countless.