TFW Modestly Trendy

In case you missed it, last week(end) was Turin Fashion Week and this year's edition was focused on modest fashion. If you are not from the fashion industry, you probably never heard of modest fashion before and do not know what it is. 

It defines a more conservative style where necklines do not go deep, and skin is more often covered than not. It would be the opposite of the body-conscious / skin-tight type of clothing.  It is an ever stronger trend in fashion and not just because of the affluent Middle Eastern customers it is often associated to. It caters to elder women and to religious women of course, from Muslim to Orthodox Jew and conservative Catholics, who want to be beautiful and feminine and chic but need to keep it covered.

But equally so importantly, it caters to a very fashionable crowd that has abandoned the stretch fabrics and overly unveiling shapes. "It-Girls" and trendsetters have been attracted for a few seasons now to silhouettes including loose fits, round necks, sartorial shirts, pant suits, and long sleeves. These silhouettes range from the sportswear looks of Supreme, Vetements, Off White, or Gosha Rubchinskiy, all the way to the luxurious elegance of Celine, Valentino, or Chloe. It seems it is sexier these days to let the imagination work rather than displaying it all out there, killing the mystery.  A new e-commerce platform has even launched this year focusing 100% on modest apparel: 

Bravo to the Torino Fashion Week for nailing this trend and making it their theme. It was also nice to see the Murazzi come to life in such inspiring way! Looking forward to next year's edition!