The Ethnic Restaurant Quest

Food in Italy is pretty amazing: freshness, tastefulness, healthiness, incredible quality-price ratio... And since I have read a scientific study, showing what Italians have always known, that a daily medium portion of carbs does not make you fat and that olive oil is as healthy as it gets when it comes down to grease, I am all in for the Italian Mediterranean diet! 

But every now and then I do crave non-Italian food and it is no easy challenge to find good ethnic restaurants in Italy overall and in Turin specifically. Italians love passionately their home food and do not really see the point in eating anything else when their own food is so delicious. And this shows in the offering of non-Italian food which often limits itself to sushi (and not the Tokyo-fish market kind...) or to students' lunch spots. 

But I was never one to back down in front of an obstacle so after much perseverance and some help from my friends, here are some places I can recommend: 

* GREEK FOOD LAB: very laid back, this new comer in San Salvario's via Berthollet really makes you feel like you are in Greece. Food is super good and the place is always packed. Easy setting, speedy service, nice packaging, they also Foodora if you want it delivered to your house. 

* MAI THAI: some good thai curries and pad thais in this small restaurant in Via Mazzini. They also Foodora for lazy evenings. Only disappointment was their Tom Yam soup but then I ate for 2 years the very best Tom Yam soup ever in a food court outside of Singapore city centre so I am very picky. 

* WANG JIAO: A nice surprise with this very good Chinese restaurant close to Porta Susa in corso San Martino. The setting is also quite nice which is rare enough for Chinese restaurants in Italy to be mentioned. And as my friend underlined when she took me there, "they have Pad Choi"!

* DAIICHI: The original restaurant, off Porta Palatina in Piazza IV Marzo, offers a mix of sushi and Thai food. Overall a nice place to have dinner with friends. They opened a Dai Chi 2 on corso Cairoli but the decor is a little off. 

* GANDHI: Right outside the city centre in Corso Regio Parco, this Indian restaurant is known as one of Turin's best Indian restaurant and the setting is a pleasantly decorated with Indian-style furniture. I have to say that even if you do not get the same level as in London, it is a very good fixer if you are having some Indian cravings!

*T-BONE STATION: For some good old American-style burgers, I can recommend this restaurant in Via Cernaia. The meat is excellent and you will get a juicy rich burger. The setting is not great, but is very welcoming to families with a dedicated area upstairs and a babysitter on weekend brunch hours. You can also have it Foodora but then it is not as good. 

* HAFA CAFE: Right in the pedestrian Quadrilatero in via Sant'Agostino, this Moroccan historical spot offers  a nice stop from mint tea and pastries in the afternoon to aperitivo and dinner time. Decor is nice and warm with Moroccan style atmosphere. Another very good Moroccan restaurant is HAFA STORIE in Galleria Re Umberto. Opened by Star-Michelin chef Christian Milone, it offers both Moroccan and Piedmont cuisine in a very nice and informal setting. Prices are still decent. 

I would be so happy to see a Lebanese restaurant open its doors too or a Japanese restaurant (but not just for sushi)!

Share with us your favourite spots and I hope you enjoy the above addresses!