Don't forget your head!

If you are soon moving to or out of Turin, you are probably in quite a bit of a turmoil trying to think of everything, making mental notes every other second and thinking that you are surely forgetting half of the important things...

Stay calm, don't panic, it is perfectly normal and we are here to help if you need! After numerous moving out, we established a fool-proof check list so that you do not need to cover the walls of your apartment with sticky post-its for weeks. 

Some of the usual things we forget: to cancel magazine subscriptions, to get the mail forwarding service at the Post Office, to defreeze your freezer, to make copies on your Internet cloud of all necessary documents, to ask your doctor for enough prescription drugs to settle in the new country and to get the composition of your prescription drugs to find their equivalent, and so on. 

And then they are things we do not forget but maybe do not get the timing right: how long before you actually leave should you call your utility suppliers to terminate the contracts - especially Internet, Pay TV and telephone-, how long to get original (and multilingual) copies of your birth / marriage / divorce certificates, how long before should you start packing to avoid pulling all-nighters the last week or not having any clothes left the last days? Our timeline can help you plan it out from 3 months before your moving all the way to the D day. 

It all seems overwhelming but step by step, day by day, you will make it through to the other side, we promise! To make it a nicer process, you should plan a goodbye party with all your friends and family - outside of your house!!! the goal is to have a good time not add on extra stress and lines on your TO DO list - and take time to have one-on-one lunch or coffee with friends who will not be able to visit often and who you will miss. Maybe plan a little pampering too when you feel the pressure is getting out of control. 45 minute of "me-time" will not be the end of the world's organisation, but it will surely do you much good! 

At the end of the day, enjoy the ride and the collateral beauty in all that you do, and focus on the bigger picture rather than on the hideous small things. A change of perspective can often change your life completely.