Crust & crumbs, never settle for average bread

Being French, I have been tied up to a beret and a baguette in non-French people's minds for as long as I can remember. So yes, I might as well be picky with the baguette I am tied to! And of course, because some clichés are very true, I do love a good crusty but at the same time fluffy and rich baguette!

Sadly I still have to find a decent baguette in Turin. But while I search (PS - any tip is welcome if you have found it, and remember I am French and picky), I have indulged in Italian bread, focaccia, pizza, and grissini and found a few substitutes to my craving. 

San Salvario is giving me quite some satisfaction on that quest. Best tomato pizza - focaccia ever for me is at Andrea Bertino's, one of Europe's oldest bread oven according to their logo, and a traditional jewish bakery, right behind the Synagogue (via Galliari 14). Their loafs of bread are really good too! Just remember that they are closed on Saturday afternoons for Shabbat. Side note, they give out the leftovers every evening at 7.30pm, which is a nice way to give back to those who are less fortunate. 

Other good bakery close by worth mentioning is Ficini, right next to Madama Cristina's market, in via Berthollet 30. The place has been restyled, they have eliminated all lard from their products, and pay special attention to their flours and levitating processes. They have both sweet and salty, and a wide range of wholewheat breads. 

You might have noticed also a chain of bakeries called "el pan d'na volta". Their laboratory is based out of Turin and they have been aggressively expanding their bakeries across the city. I usually don't like chains, and anything which is not done on the spot from scratch, but I have to give it to you... Their rexcorn bread is really good if you like dark flour cereal bread, and so is their best seller "Pan d'na Volta" which comes both in white and whole wheat flour. Pizzas and biscuits also to be tasted, super rich and flavory! Never tried their cakes yet. 

Waiting for your comments on your favorite bakeries across town, and whoever can find the perfect baguette will have my eternal gratitude :)