Beautiful Porta Nuova from the sky

If you walked by Porta Nuova in the past months you might have felt a strange feeling of space and deep breathing and open sky... This is because after a decade of renovation, the train station Porta Nuova is finally all beauty and no scaffolding!

It has been one of the city's biggest renovation projects since the Olympic Games and after much financial stumbling, the former glory of the train station was brought back to life. The outside facade is all cleaned up and coloured in its original bright brick-red color. Night lightings enhance the arches and domes, and Italian green-white-red lights outline the central arch. 

Inside the train station was completely remodelled too and transformed into a shopping mall with a mix of fashion, beauty, books, electronics, and restaurants. A nice addition inside is a piano at the public's disposal, which makes you realise the number of truly gifted people out there. A big thank you to them and the poetry they bring to our days when they seat down and take the time to play a melody!

An underground parking was also added to the complex.

All of this has participated in the overall revamping of the immediate surroundings of via Sacchi and via Nizza. Benefiting of this new energy is the 5* Turin Palace Hotel in via Sacchi, across from the train station, opened end 2015 and boasting one of Turin's most impressive rooftop terraces. 

Turin Palace Hotel rooftop terrace

Turin Palace Hotel rooftop terrace

A train station being a traveler's first impact of the city, it was a much needed move especially since it has to compete with its brand-new sister Porta Susa, all glass and modernity since the renovation was fully completed in February 2014.